Pre-Thoughts and Tips before Picking and Purchasing Mini Chandelier for Bathroom

A chandelier is generally categorized as a sort of distinct pendant light, or as a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture. It can be described as a branched, frequently ornate, lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling.

The term chandelier can be ascribed to the old French word “chandelier” which means “candle holder”, and it originally comes from the Latin “candelabrum”. In more detail, the word chandelier was historically recognized in English language in the 1736.

A lot has changed since then. While the basic form has stayed the same, the advent of electricity has allowed for more creativity in both design and placement.

General Facts

  • Chandeliers are frequently decoratively elaborate, and typically featured with incandescent light bulbs, though some modern designs employ fluorescent lamps or even LEDs.
  • Chandeliers offer a great source of general illumination, and the use of a dimmer switch (special controls required for non-incandescent bulbs) is able to produce particular moods and ambience you are wishing for – it can be ranged from a gentle flow of light over a romantic dinner party up to a vivid and lively radiance for a big family dinner.
  • Many chandeliers are designed with a downlight feature so they can work very well as task lighting for certain activities, for example doing homework or paying bills at the table.
  • You may find chandeliers in a broad variety of styles like round,rectangular, linear, multi-tier, and still many more, as well as from simple modern to increasingly intricate traditional chandeliers.
  • Crystal chandeliers are considered having more or less complex arrays of crystal prisms to lighten a room with refracted
  • Chandeliers are often positioned in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and lately in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Mini Chandelier for Bathroom

Chandeliers are one of the most loved lightings. Not only awe-inspiring designs, they also have their basic function as well as additional role for generating beauty to a home’s interior whatever the space is. In other words, chandeliers are able to add drama to a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even a bathroom.

As to bathroom, you may imagine enjoying the most soothing and intimate setting – agreeable warm water, your favorite fragrance, the sweet expectancy of relax and mild light. Bathroom chandeliers – more especially mini chandeliers – are in fad these days. They are able to evoke a touch of luxury and elegance into your bathing space routine.

The following are some considerations you may reflect to before choosing or purchasing mini chandelier for bathroom.

#1 – Size

Seek for the harmony at its finest. First you need to pay attention to the size of your bathroom area. As an example, large chandelier in the small bathroom would look ludicrous and can cause uncomfortable feeling. On the contrary, small chandelier would look out of place in huge bathing space. Ordinarily, mini bathroom chandeliers or chandelettes are the best solution. They will not spoil the total look of bathroom with an excessive luxury, as a return they do add intimacy and zest.

#2 – Materials

By and large, you can discover mini chandeliers at any form and material. But for bathroom, you have to take into account specific requirements related to safety – you don’t want it to rust, darken or dim, or else you don’t want any cable fault.

Chandeliers from stainless materials, brass, plastic, aluminum, and bronze are safe and trendy options. Brass is the perfect option as it is persistent to oxidation, unlike the iron, but it is pretty expensive. It is inappropriate to have chandeliers with iron frames or fixtures for the bathroom.

#3 – Styles

You don’t have to abide by one style. Traditional, contemporary, eclectic, gothic, rustic styles are yours to command. You may refer to some questions: What do you want your bathroom to look like? Do you want extraordinary or elegant chandelier? These questions are going to lead you to the bathroom chandelier of your dream. The true beauty and comfort are perceived through the prism of your insight. The purpose is to be satisfied by the design of the bathroom. So don’t limit your fantasy.

#4 – Lighting

The basic role of mini chandelier for bathroom is to illuminate any particular area. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that chandelier in bathroom cannot be the lone source of light. In this case you may artificially light your bathroom.

For instance, if your bathing space doesn’t get sunlight access, choose the light bulbs with longer durability and mild light. Too bright light may cause the differences in light perception. Usually, bathroom is a space for relax, thus you should avoid excessive eye tension.

#5 – Position for comfort

As a rule of thumb, chandeliers are the additional source for lighting source. They act customarily for the garnishment. Likewise, they are always supported by tubes, scones, lamps, and mirrors as reflective surfaces.

As to position for comfort, many modern designers prefer to localize the chandeliers above the bathtub. The normal length of the chandelier is considered to be 8 feet above the highest point of the bathtub. The reason is to implicate the idea of privacy and to help to relax even more. However, you need to carefully pay attention to its weight – if it is heavier than 40 pounds, be sure it is built-in securely, for example. Moreover, the length of chandelier also can be a tricky thing. It’s better to locate it at least higher than your height, as a result you can go into the bathtub comfortably, and also water splashes won’t reach the chandelier, especially the bulbs.

#6 – Maintenance

Chandeliers are indeed dust magnets – dust easily accumulate on them especially for those with intricate designs. Bear in mind that the simpler the design, the easier it is to clean it. Therefore, once you have applied the chandelier, be certain that you will be able to clean it regularly to preserve its look and to extend its good worth.

#7 – Know Your Budget

Since we are speaking about buying, you have to check your budget. Mini chandeliers are available in wide varying prices. See the ones that will suit your budget. As a tip, you can check some chandeliers online that are for sale so you can have a prior idea as to how much you will decide to spend. Aside from that, you may also visit a local store and check on what they have. You can ask for a catalog so you can compare prices, designs and specs.

Some Chandelier Failures

  • Chandelier frequently takes the highlighting of the room, so you should be assured it would not look abundant.
  • Chandelier becomes a central and major element of the bathroom. Therefore, t is essential not to saturate the bathroom too much.
  • From the first sight a lot of combinations may seem unconventional, but from the other point of view it can be considered as showiness. Determination of bathroom mission will help you to avoid misleading in concepts of gaudiness and unconventionality.
  • Keep in mind that in most cases abundance harms. From traditional point of view if you choose a bathroom chandelier that looks sumptuous, thereby other details shouldn’t stick out.