Things to Know about Outdoor Rugs for Patios and Buying Guides

Outdoor rugs for patios are totally able to evoke such an absolutely livable outdoor space. We spend almost of our summer days outdoors, and shoeless is all about! It is also true with the months from May to October, in which we enjoy our outdoor moments at patio, on deck, and other exterior spaces. Therefore, thanks to outdoor rugs that we are able to go shoeless.

In fact any home living with a porch or patio may get the advantage from eye-catching outdoor rugs. One of the reasons is that outdoor rugs are mostly able to convey the feeling of your living room into your yard and optimize the space you didn’t realize you it existed before. Also, they will bring you an exceptionally comfy exterior space to spend your time with relaxing, gathering or other pleasant activities.

Things to Know


You have to keep in mind that outdoor rugs you are going to apply need to be able to survive life outside from any mild to harsh all-year round weather conditions. There are different alternatives for outdoor rug materials, and what you select should be contingent with where you plan to apply the rug and how you want it to look.

Outdoor rugs can be produced from numerous common materials like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and more. Most of them are made with mold- and mildew-resistant features, and some are treated to fight against waning from contact with direct and indirect UV rays.

As an example, bamboo is probably a popular material for outdoor rugs and is best applied it in a covered area.

Outdoor Rugs for a Concrete Patio

Indeed, you may get some advantages you may get from applying outdoor rugs to cover your home exterior concrete patio.

  • The softness and comfort in an open-air space is able to allow you really feel comfortable.
  • It is flexible, holds up to water and sunlight, and is reasonably priced.
  • If you install the carpet yourself, you can generally save quite a bit of money. It can be quite time consuming but it is not difficult.

Outdoor Rugs for a Wooden Deck

If you wish for more comfort to your home outdoor wooden decking area, outdoor rugs can be one of the perfect alternatives. Similar with outdoor rugs for concrete patio, these exterior floor covering have its own benefits.

  • It holds up amazingly well, with a potential life of up to 20 years and is effortlessly easy to clean.
  • Installing outdoor rugs on your deck is a simple task. You needn’t to know about placing an outdoor rug to make it look like a professional job, and you needn’t any specialist tools as well.

Outdoor Rugs for Indoor Applications

Not only for outdoor purposes, you may also use a lot of outdoor rugs to be applied inside your home living. Unfortunately, on the contrary, great majority of indoor rugs don’t do well when exposed to the elements outside.

When you’ve found a texture, pattern, or color that you love in a rug, there’s no reason not to place it inside. Be sure to get a proper rug pad to protect your floor and prevent slipping, and be mindful that some outdoor rug materials shed more compared to most traditional indoor rugs.

Buying Guides

Tips on Buying Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs generate an aesthetically pleasing accent to your outdoor space while, at the same time, they perform well to keep dirt, dust, and weather-related moisture on the right side of the door and off of your interior flooring. People buy outdoor rugs for different kinds of reasons. Some of them need an outdoor area rug to spruce up their patio space. Others are simply looking for something that family members and incoming guests can wipe their feet on before entering your home.

When considering purchasing outdoor rugs, it’s essential to search for rugs that offer both function and fashion to warrant the perfect combination of durability and aesthetic charm, as well as your personal preferences.

  1. Pick for flat weave rugs which endure heavy foot traffic

While your fleecy rug styles are impeccable for indoor use, your outdoor rugs need to be able to withstand a fair share of foot traffic. Therefore, it is crucial to select an outdoor rug that will retain its shape and look after countless outdoor soirees or gatherings, or a continual as well as never-ending parade of guests and family members entering and exiting your home.

In this case, flat weave rugs are specifically designed to create less shed, thus will help you to reduce wear, and the close-fitting construction offers both durability and stability underfoot.

  1. Choose colors and patterns that are able to effortlessly blend with your prevailing outdoor design scheme

If your plan is to use outdoor rugs for poolside application or to complement your patio furniture, then you pick for colors and patterns that effortlessly will match well with your outdoor décor. This allows a uniform visual look and eye-grabbing design flow.

For example, if you want to emphasize your modern outdoor furnishings in white, black, or grey, think about a black or light blue chevron rug with white or cream contrasting stripes to place beneath a table or outdoor sofa, or to be applied as a runner along one side of the pool.

Another idea would be a lovely solid color such as red, orange, or rust to create a welcoming contrast to your patio table and chairs consisting of natural wood finishing.

  1. Take into account weather-resistant rugs

Weather-resistant rugs are absolutely perfect if you plan to keep your rug outside year-round or if you live in a climate that is susceptible to extreme moisture. If you wish for preventing mildew and mold buildup, select a moisture proof rug with a backing that will avoid rainwater or melted snow from pooling. And for warmer climates, you may choose outdoor rugs with UV-resistant coating that will work well to protect the material from fading when exposed to excessive sun and heat.

  1. Browse for rugs with gripping power

Gripping power is a significant feature you need to consider when it comes to keeping outdoor dirt and dust away from your indoor carpet, linoleum, or tile. A great example can be found in woven outdoor rugs which are constructed with jute or sisal. They are able to naturally cling to debris on shoes and boots, in that way you needn’t to worry about people tracking in the outdoors.

Furthermore, rugs made from sisal and jute materials are extra-durable in nature, which makes them highly ideal for application in front of the door or in any other high-traffic area, such as the mudroom or back patio, where incoming guests or family members usually wipe their feet.

  1. Determine the proper size to match your entryway or patio dimensions

When determining the proper size for your outdoor rug, it’s imperative to pick out dimensions that will not only complement your space but also will not override your design scheme.

For patio floor coverage, circular rugs work can be perfect choice when placed beneath small tables or between two outdoor benches, whereas rectangular rugs are definitely going to help tying together outdoor furniture sets.

Meanwhile, for smaller areas like the front steps or entrance into the home, you may select smaller accent rugs or door mats that fit the space and offer optimal coverage but don’t fall over the edges or cause excessive bulk.

  1. Select rugs that are conveniently easy to maintain

Dirt buildup on outdoor rugs is indeed unavoidable. However, the good news is that there are several weave and style selections that permit easy cleaning and maintenance.

Some examples are, among others, stain-resistant rugs bear the elements and can be easily hosed down to take out loose debris; outdoor rugs made of hard fibers – jute and bamboo – are naturally resistant to dirt, which enables minimal maintenance; flat weave rugs are easy to spot-clean with either pre-moistened wipes or mild detergent and water, and you may also treat them fabric protector spray to stop stains from gripping into the fibers.