Tips for Picking Outdoor Curtains for Patio to Create Freshly Different Living Space

Exterior spaces can take on fresh appeal with outdoor shade ideas. If you have such a comfy patio, thus patio covers – or outdoor curtains for patio – can be one of plenty marvelous options. Whether for a comfy patio, warm porch, or vast landscape, outdoor curtains are definitely going to offer you with such a simple yet dramatic alternative to modify your home surroundings.

Moreover, those sorts of patio covers can come in great variations of shapes and sizes. Or else, they can be found draping over your window lies around your patio or encircling an open-air cabana. They reason why people applying outdoor curtains as part of their home living design can be simply different one another, which are mostly including functional and decorative purposes.

The Types of Outdoor Curtains

  • Grommet Curtains

It can be said that curtains with grommet style are the most prevalent and effective drapery forms for outdoor settings. They can be described technically as an unpleated drape featured with fashionable circular grommets fitted at the top that slip over a stationary rod.

The minute draped, these curtains are able to nevertheless look pleated from the folds that form wherever the fabric naturally collects together. For more practical point-of-view, the grommet style provide extra exceptional benefit of being quick and simple to take and store during bounces of horrible weather. And from decorative side, they are able to create such a delightful design component, in which the flawlessly round holes are a visually lovely contrast to the natural linearity of the exterior curtains themselves.

  • Tab-Top Curtains

Highly ideal for exterior settings due to their readiness to be taken down and stored. The matching fabric loops – or tabs, more especially fabric tabs – are usually attached with what-so-called Velcro straps are able to slide straightforwardly over the drapery rod. They will create such an increasingly unified and steady look compared to the grommet style ones. Moreover, a kind of free-hanging tab-top curtains assures clean and modern lines of design, assimilating outstandingly well with the feel of the contemporary outdoor space.

  • Outdoor-Curtain Sheers

These outdoor curtains are also known as voiles. People choose them stereotypically due to their decorative charm for they are able to evoke such a soft and hazy atmosphere. Constructed from particularly lightweight, all-weather fabric, sheers are designed to permit some light to pass through. These sheers are usually translucent in nature but not transparent. Therefore, characteristically you will only see obscure shapes and shadows while looking through them.

The Materials of Outdoor Curtains

Grommet Curtains are mostly constructed from either UV-protected heavy plastic or stainless steel. This will highly depend on the curtain-fabric type. With those material constructions, they are remarkably well-suited for outdoors, and not at risk of causing damage either to your drapery poles or outdoor drapes.

Most of Outdoor Curtains (and also outdoor sheers) can be found made of polyester material and come merely in grommet style, yet some popular products, such WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains and Outdoor Curtains Made From Sunbrella®, are commonly manufactured in tab-top style.

As previously stated, majority of Outdoor Sheers are normally made from exceedingly lightweight, all-weather fabric.

Functional vs. Decorative Purposes

Some people use exterior covers merely for shading, whereas others prefer the pleasant look of soft drapes which are adding such a particular touch to an outdoor space or even to the home décor. Some are worry about direct sunlight or harsh winds, while others needing more protection from mosquitos.

Block direct sun lights and/or create kind of artificial shade

Traditional curtains are definitely going to be more practical compared to outdoor-curtain sheers. Darker-colored outdoor curtains are generally going to cover more lights from outside, however they’re going to absorb more heat as well. Likewise, you absolutely have to weigh the actualities of the space where you plan to hang your curtains. For example, if the problem is limited airflow, then you may choose a somewhat lighter-color curtain.  

Boost certain mood

Outdoor curtain colors are indeed able to create or enhance certain mood to you or your exterior setting. You may play with various color schemes by adding such a bright accent or otherwise a kind of muted backdrop.

As an example, if you want to pursue a light and breezy outdoor living space, therefore outdoor-curtain sheers can be the perfect solution. They can serve as light diffusers – not light blockers – so in return you will get a softer and more delicate ambience to your exterior setting. Moreover, sheers in stripes of other patterns may evoke exceptional qualities of light diffusion, which finally and frequently will create a dappling, charming visual effect.

Protect from bugs, mosquitos, and other insects

Generally speaking, outdoor curtains are able to help you in keeping down the volume of irritating airborne bugs, and also other insects. Here, darker outdoor curtains can be the most ideal choice with distinctive benefits, namely they will automatically block more bug-attracting light.

Outdoor Curtains as Space Dividers

If you are trying to create such a separate-feeling outdoor spaces – or more discrete divisions in space – outdoor curtains are usually better option compare to curtain sheers. Voiles will not completely block your view of what is going on the other side of them. In this case, darker curtains, more especially in a light environment, are going to offer a hasty feel of border. However, if your goal is a softer transition from space to space, outdoor-curtain sheers are the way to go.

Pleasing visual appeal

Outdoor curtains can be used a creative way to accessorize a space, more particularly an open-air setting or landscape, and give them with more delightful visual look. You may mix and match any fabric color, motifs, designs, and styles with the hardware options. This idea undeniably will accentuate certain touch.

Privacy as primary concern

Unquestionably, outdoor curtains are going to offer you much more of privacy. Even, lighter-colored outdoor curtains also can do this in exceptional way. Yet, darker outdoor colors are perhaps the best solution for this intention. Simply bear in mind that darker curtains may absorb in a little more heat in partially enclosed spaces as well.

Picking the Right Outdoor Curtains

#1 – Consider the Sunlight

Sunlight is the first and most likely reason you take into account while browsing for outdoor curtains for patio. Indeed, sunlight is one of the determining factors to come to the right and also preferred outdoor curtains you opt for.

In the case of intense sunlight coming to any of your home exterior spaces, hence outdoor curtains can be the answer, for they are absolutely going to block most of the sunlight and also heat. Meanwhile, for fewer incoming sun rays, sheer curtains will be perfect choice for they will still allow some light throughout the day.

#2 – Know what you need

You need to know and decide with is the main reason for you to look for outdoor curtains. It can be ranged from the questions of whether are you searching for an alternative to block the sun or else simply an extra decorative installment to any of your home outdoor settings. After determining your primary need then it will dictate what kind of outdoor curtain you want to install. For example, if you demand more privacy, curtains made from heavier materials can be the option.

#3 – Discover the Right Setup

Before buying any outdoor curtain, it’s better for you to look around first your exterior spaces in order to find the right place to hang them. Sliding glass door or patio can be some of the great places to set up your outdoor curtains.

Some Other Tips

Great variety of factors – cloudy weather, bright sunshine, or incandescent outdoor lighting, and more – are definitely going to modify the look of your outdoor curtains as well as create particular impact to your home living. In this case, fabric curtains will work on so many levels due to their colors, textures, lines, and movements. Therefore, you are allowed to feel free in mixing those elements in endless variations to pursue the right combination.

Budget-Friendly in Defining and Re-defining Your Space

If you want something which is inexpensive for your home renovations, more specifically to your alfresco settings (patio or backyard living are, for example), outdoor curtains will pleasantly redefine and recreate them into novel visual appeal as well as atmosphere.

A closed outdoor curtain can perfectly function as a positioned wall, whereas a drawn open one in a tied back effortlessly serves as an architectural pillar. You may apply this outdoor curtain idea to make a series of “cabana rooms” in your backyard or poolside. They will offer intimacy and also privacy. Also, draw them open would be nicely perfect for an open-air dinner party, portrayed with a table centered inside, featured with flickering votive candles.

Alter Your Outlook

Outdoor drapes can be such a brilliant trick to accentuate special landscaping features of your outdoor spaces. You will be offered with different views by simply closing or tying up the drapes. Outdoor curtains are able to evoke focus by outlining between what you see and blocking out the rest.

Control Climate in Old-Fashioned Way

Outdoor curtains can be a kind of low-tech climate control. Drapes are able to block the sun or simply filter it, and cool down the temperature even during a very hot day. Furthermore, pull them close, you will have your effective wind block.

Select the Right Fabric

When talking about outdoor curtains, the very first qualification is of course selecting the right fabric. To come to your decision, you need to take into account your local climate, wind conditions, or even the degree of sun exposure, and many more.


In addition to weave and fabrication, color is should be taken into account. Why? Because color is powerful, and together with the other elements it is able to change the feel of the space it helps to define. Therefore, give some thoughts to color. As an example, apply outdoor sheers for pursuing a clean, simple, and uncluttered effect. Think about contrasting colors to add a bold accent against neutral fixtures, or synchronize a neutral palette that echo the furniture colors.

Ready-Made Standard or Custom Drapes

Nowadays, increasing numbers of reputable online sources frequently have their wider selections of fabrics and colors for ready-made curtains in standard sizes. Custom drapes in custom ordering enable you to decide the length, finishing as well as other details to get your curtains fit for your demands and needs.